The Team

As a group of young energetic individuals who have a love and passion to see the development of Congo, we come together with various ideas to help achieve that goal.

Revive Congo Co Founder Pamela Abiola
I am a Co-Founder!!!

Pamela Abiola

I have always been someone that doesn’t just like discussing problems without thinking about solutions, and that’s how Revive Congo was birthed. My Co- Founder and I saw that there was a problem. A high number of young people in Congo are not able to access education, nor be equipped with the skills required for them to enter their desired profession. And that is why we have made it our mission to change the trajectory of these young people through being a part of supporting their schooling, and providing them with skills equipping them to be Congo’s future leaders.

I'm the CFO!!!
I am also a Co-Founder!!!

Lakeisha Kayoka

I grew up very conscious that my life could have been VERY different, that I could have been a young girl in Congo experiencing many barriers! It had always been a deep-rooted desire to do something bring value and do something Congo. At 18, the question - 'What are you waiting for?' was one that I continued to ask myself. At that time, I met my co-founder, with the same vision, and there was birth Revive Congo! I have met so talented and creative young people in Congo, and I desire to be a part of their success stories.

Revive Congo Co Founder Lakeisha Kayoka
Revive Congo Team Benie Nzuzi

Benie Nzuzi

My name is Benie and I joined the team in 2017. My role is to help make sure we’re communicating with the orphanage on a monthly basis, and are aware of any updates concerning the education and wellbeing of the children Revive Congo is sponsoring the school fees of.

I joined mainly for two reasons - the first being that I wanted to form my own connection to the community. Yes I’m already connected in some way through my family and those around me, but it was important for me to define what that meant for me personally.

The second reason is that I knew I wanted to help make a difference in Congo, but that’s such a broad statement and I didn’t know where/how to begin. Being involved in the charity has reminded me that ‘making a difference’ can be done in such a variety of ways and doesn’t always have to be via a huge scale project.

Gracia Kabongo

Hi im Gracia i joined Revive Congo when it first started and it's been a great experience for me. I loved visiting Congo in 2019 with the team and meeting the children from our partner orphanage was absolutely amazing and the reason i joined in the first place. I am an events planner and have used those skills to offer project management support to the ReviveCongo team. For the past 3 years i have focused on the yearly summer Youth Programme. I throughly look forward to partnering with an additional orphanage whilst increasing the support we offer the current one.

Revive Congo Team Gracia Kabongo
Revive Congo Team Bobette Kamangu

Bobette Kamangu

Hello, my name is Bobette, I'm currently a first year Masters student at Queen Mary University of London, and I'm aspiring to be a Clinical Scientist in Oncology. I'm the current 2nd Princess of Miss congo UK and I am working on a passion project as an advocate against sexual abuse. I joined Revive Congo because I always had a passion for contributing to the educational development of young people. Revive Congo combined a personal passion and my beloved home, and I was eager to join!

Lois Disanka

My name is Lois, I’m currently in my final year at the University of Warwick Studying Global Sustainable Development!

I joined Revive Congo because I’ve always wanted to contribute to Congolese development, especially youth development which I’m extremely passionate about and Revive Congo allows me to achieve this goal!

Revive Congo Team Lois Disanka
Revive Congo Team Junior Masandi

Junior Masandi

My name is Junior MasandiI joined Revive Congo in May 2018, I believe that I want to get involved a lot more within my community, and help young Congolese in Congo. I was introduced to both Pam & Lakeisha, listening to their passion for change it inspired me to join Revive Congo and since it has been a pleasure to be a part of the family, and work with the amazing young people we work with in Congo and in the UK.

Nathan Nzau

My name is Nathan Nzau and I joined Revive Congo in 2017 having come across their amazing work online. At the time I had just completed my Economics degree and was on the verge of starting my Masters. It was refreshing and encouraging to see a group of young Congolese individuals like myself who shared the same passion for the development of Congo. I instantly knew that this was a team/project that I wanted to be a part of and I am extremely glad that I took this decision.

Revive Congo Team Nathan Nzau
Revive Congo Team Christian Katako

Christian Katako

I'm a Financial analyst by profession, and an Actor. I joined RC in July 2018 as a fundraising officer, and later joined the finance committee. I have always been passionate about giving back to humanity particularly Congo, where I was born and lived until the age of 12. However I was never exactly sure how to. It wasn't until my cousin had joined RC that I realised this may be the perfect way to realise that passion.

My other passion is football. Having played my whole life I have a wide network of football fanatics. So shortly after joining I lead a football tournament fundraising project in October 2018. Due to its success and popularity amongst the participants we held an even bigger tournament in May 2019, in order to help fund education for orphans from our partnership orphanage in Kinshasa.

Being part of this great team has given me a sense of purpose and a platform to give back to my country. It has enabled me to use the skills and experience I've acquired working in finance as well as my passion in football, to contribute to the development of Congo's brighter future.

Norris Ngwamah

My name is Norris-nouvelle Ngwamah I'm from Congo born on kinshasa. My Dad is from the kasai and my mother bandundu province. I joined Revive Congo because of its vision and the people carrying this vision. I joined because I see myself in the lives of the youth Revive Congo is changing. I joined to give, serve and support.

Revive Congo Team Norris Ngwamah
Revive Congo Team Cedric Kabongo

Cedric Kabongo

I joined Revive Congo in 2016 simply because I wanted to offer my help to a cause that is close to my heart. Revive Congo utilises sport as a means to engage with the community to raise awareness about its work and the DRC. Therefore, as a volunteer with a career in sport and physical activity, I have been able to support the Revive Congo team in delivering events and fundraising bids.
Revive Congo’s values and passion about developing the young people of today for a better future for the DR Congo is a cause that can positively impact the lives of many. So, the journey is long ahead

Nerifa Lukuamusu

My name is Nerifa Lukuamusu and I’m a postgraduate.
I joined Revive Congo because I wanted to give back. I’m passionate about Congo and enjoyed writing about Lumumba during the Cold War era in my master Dissertation. I wanted to make a difference, however small it may be. I was sick and tired of complaining of the state of our country. I’m so happy I found Revive Congo during the summer of 2017 and joined immediately. I hope to do more in the future to encourage young Congolese to educate themselves about their country and ways they can help.

Revive Congo Team Nerifa Lukuamusu
Revive Congo Team Priscillia Mudiaki

Priscillia Mudiaki

My name is Priss and I joined Revive Congo in January 2018 in the hope of making a difference in my community at my own level. I have always been seen as someone very sensitive to issues that stop children in Congo from embracing their full potential in their career development. I have focused on helping the ReviveCongo team to use their platform to share those stories and equip the Congolese youth to achieve this goal. A decision I have never regret!