If you would like to support us in raising funds for Congo’s future leaders, why not organise a sponsored event for Congo?


Please see guidelines/pledge below and complete the form below with details of your proposed fundraising idea.

Guidelines for Fundraising Activities for the Benefit of Revive Congo

When carrying out fundraising activities in aid of Revive Congo, it is really important that you adhere to the following guidelines. For more information, please contact us at

  1. Whenever you are raising funds, make it clear that you are raising funds in aid of Revive Congo.

  2. No fundraising activities in aid of Revive Congo should proceed without our approval – please ensure that you have our authorisation before you begin fundraising.

  3. Keep records of how much money you have raised, and let us know how much you have raised as soon as possible after any event.

  4. When handling cash, keep it secure at all times. Try to bank any cash as soon as possible after an event has finished.

  5. If plans go wrong and your fundraising activities cannot go ahead, please let us know as soon as possible.

  6. Please contact Revive Congo if you require any further guidance or advice.

  7. Please note, Revive Congo excludes the liability of any loss or damage suffered in the course of a fundraising activity.