Revive Congo thrives on the support of it’s donors. Through regular donations, we’re able to support little orphans in Congo, develop our community summer programs, and ultimately touch an even greater number of lives. Your donations help make our vision of community change a reality.

What Your Donation Will Do

Revive Congo Donate Club

Summer Youth Programme

Our free Programme covers various topics including: the History of Congo, the culture of Congo, project management and business, mental health awareness and career advice to help young people flourish in their community.

Revive Congo Donate Football

Charity Football Tournament

Revive Congo organises a football tournament once every year to encourage unity among young people, for our supporters to have fun and to also raise some money towards educating young people in the DRC.

Revive Congo Donate Youth Programmes

Primary Education Project

Our goal is to provide access to primary education for children in the DRC by paying for school fees, as well as supporting our partner Mission Marie orphanage based in Kinshasa with developing an adequate learning environment for children living in poverty, particularly those in orphanages through providing equipment necessary to aid their learning or basic needs.