Revive Congo Wins “Best Congolese Charity in Europe 2018” Award.

After many years of hard work and dedication, we were honoured with this award which we dedicated to the Congolese Youth and supporters.

Winning The Best Charity Awards at the European Best of Congo Awards, was such an amazing night to be a part of as we celebrated the success and achievements of our brothers and sisters in the diaspora.

” Winning this award was a message from our supporters to tell us that our hard work wasn’t going unseen.” Norris Media Coordinator

We knew that 2018 was our best year thus far, following the activities we realised. But we weren’t at all prepared to receive such an honouring innovation when we heard our names called out. This was a message to us from our supporters, that our work at Revive Congo, has gone far beyond the four walls and beyond the UK.

Award Dedication

This award was dedicated to the Congolese Youth in the UK and in Congo because they are the reason for the existence of our organisation, and to our supporters, because they are our backbone, they keep us going. We would also encourage you to read this post to join us and help change lives!


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